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Where to buy ASIC miners April 20th: Inno, Bitmain, Canaan

Friday rolls around again, and we’ve got a few new items to share this morning.  First off, our intrepid Mr. Baker built a chart of current ASIC miners on the market.  This page gets updated three times a week and is a great starting point for readers looking to start mining cryptocurrency.  We’ll still be posting GPU finds on Monday for you alt-coiners out there.  We’ve also built a chart of electrical prices for every state in the US.  This chart is useful in determining what your chances of turning a profit look like per state and electrical rate.

There are still a number of ASIC miners available for purchase today, including some in stock with immediate shipping as well as a few that ship later in the month.  Halong Mining machines are currently out of stock (although you can order miners from Inno that are exactly the same specs) as are their distributor, MyRig.  Canaan Creative Avalon 841s are shipping currently, both from their website in bulk and individual units from their distributor BlokForge.  Bitmain continues to release a flood of miners, everything is currently available for late April, early May delivery.

We’ll be adding a list of distributors to our ASIC miner chart next week, if you would like us to add a distributor to the list, drop me a line and we’ll take a look.  Have a great weekend and join us again next week.

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