Washington state utility ponders bullet proof glass thanks to ‘belligerent’ miners

Washington state continues to deal with the influx on crypto-miners flocking to cheap power, and some mining ventures have apparently caused a ruckus.  In an April 30th recap of current business, the Chelan County PUD “heard from Security Director Rich Hyatt about some increased security measures at PUD facilities due to belligerent behavior by impatient cryptocurrency miners.”  The Chelan County PUD, like it’s sister utility in Mason County, has put a moratorium on new mining development until additional impact studies can be completed.

The local paper, the Wenatchee World, noted that urgency from cryptocurrency miners has “prompt[ed] a boost in employee safety and security measures that include bulletproof panels and security cameras at PUD headquarters.”  The paper continues it reports, stating that the measures have been put in place due to issues with two unauthorized mining farms whose power has been disconnected due to the continuing mining power moratorium.

Washington state continues to struggle with the growth of power hungry mining farms looking for the cheapest power in the country.  As the nascent sector continues to increase it’s power consumption it’s likely that more municipal regulations will be forged to protect a strain to local power grids.

The Chelan County PUD published a community guide regarding the increase in cryptocurrency that’s worth a look.

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