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PandaMiner B3 Pro in limited stock, comparable to Antminer E3

PandaMiner dropped an email in the tip jar this morning reminding miners that the PandaMiner B3 Pro will be in stock on April 12th and comparable to the forthcoming Antminer E3.  The unit comes packed with 8 RX470 GPU cards and is capable of pulling 220 Mh/s of Ethash power.  Since the device is basically a PC in-a-box, the miner supports ZCash and Monero mining as well.

The price of the unit is above that of the Antminer E3, but PandaMiner points out that the unit ships in seven days, where the Antminer E3 won’t show up until July.  The cost of the B3 Pro also includes the PSU need to run the unit as well as free shipping.

“One more point, we support delivery in 7 working days, while E3 requires 3 month. Miners can gain a lot of mining profits during 3 month.”

Quick math gives the PandaMiner a slight cost disadvantage.  The B3 Pro costs US$2508 running @ 220 Mh/s, bringing the per Mh/s cost to US$11.40.  The Antminer E3 provides 180 Mh/s for US$1800 dollars at a cost of $10.00 per Mh/s.

According to the email “the new batch will be available at 11:00 am April 12th, 2018(UTC+8), only 1000 units on stock.”  You should be able to purchase the unit on PandaMiner’s website.

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