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NVIDIA boss: “[cryptocurrency] is going to be here for a long time”

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang joined Mad Money Jim Cramer this week, and although he was there to talk up VR gaming, artificial intelligence, and vehicle automation the conversation included the current GPU mining craze.

Huang made it clear that cryptocurrency, and the mining demand that has choked GPU supply chains, isn’t going anywhere.  When asked by Cramer to respond to Wall St. analysts predicting a downturn in sales due to slumping crypto prices, Huang replied “the ability for the world to have a very low-friction low-cost way of exchanging value, it’s going to be here for a long time.”

Huang also stated that NVIDIA’s growth is tied to it’s other larger businesses, and the mining demand “just gave it that extra bit of juice … that caused all our GPUs to be in great demand.”

Check out the entire interview if you have the time, or skip to the 7:00 minute mark to jump straight to the good bits.

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