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Massive mining farm HyperBlock merges with massive mining farm CryptoGlobal, becomes monstrous mining farm

US based mining company, HyperBlock announced an agreement to absorb Canadian based mining operation CryptoGlobal through a purchase of all outstanding shares of the latter.  The total mining capacity of the new conglomerate will equal 28 megawatts distributed among 21,000+ miners.

The company’s current focus includes hosted mining, self-mining, and server hosting and sales.  CryptoGlobal acquired Blockchain Dynamics before the HyperBlock merger, which they have used to build “an SaaS-based Insights platform, specialized Crypto custodial storage and trading services.”  HyperBlock plans to continue providing service-based solutions to customers.

As crypto mining fervor continues into 2018, expect to see large and mediums size operations continue to consolidate.

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