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Innosilicon releases Blake2b, Blake256 miners that mirror Halong offerings

Innosilicon announced two new ASIC miners available for order today. The first, the S11 SiaMaster, mines the Blake2b algorithm at a rate of 3.83 TH/s while burning 1380 watts of power.  The manufacturer has also announced a Blake256 miner for Decred mining.  The D9 DecredMaster is capable of hashing at 2.1 TH/s while using 900 watts of power.  Both devices are available for order today.

These two devices look extremely similar to Halong Mining’s offerings.  Both external design and specifications mirror that of the Innosilicon machines, furthering speculation that Inno is manufacturing (or at least collaborating) with Halong.  We will reach out to Innosilicon today for further information about this collaboration and update this article with any response provided.

As Innosilicon has a good track record of shipping products, we’ve added these two new machines to our ASIC omnibus.


  1. How the hell did Innosilicon develop miners for siacoin and decred with the same specs as the Halong miners??? I thought the Halong miners were using samsung chips that they were working exclusively with???

  2. There almost has to be some type of collaboration between these two. There is no way the specs match precisely if there isn’t. The Samsung chips may be used in the SHA265 new Halong miner. It will be interesting to see if Inno releases an ASICBoosted SHA256 miner soon…

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