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Innosilicon announces CryptoNight miner two weeks after XMR algo update

Innosilicon announced a new item to their ever-expanding line of ASIC miners.  Dubbed the A8+ CryptoMaster, the device weighs in at 240Kh/s of CryptoNight hashing power.  Innosilicon states that the device will burn 480W running at full capacity.

Innosilicon A8+ is fully tested and open for order now! Delivery time starts from 16th April, 2018 with superior 180 days’ warranty. First order, first served! Don’t miss it

I won’t beat around the bush here.  These new CryptoNight miners (the new unit from Bitmain as well) were designed to mine the privacy-focussed Monero coin.  Unfortunately for the manufacturers, the XMR developers decided two weeks ago to fork their coin in order to make these new machines unable to mine Monero.  Users purchasing these devices can mine a number of alt-coins that use the CryptoNight algorithm, but most of these coins have little value on the open market.

Only time will tell if these devices can make back the initial purchase price.  Interested parties can place a sales inquiry through email at miner_sales@innosilicon.com.cn.

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