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Halong SHA256 miner reportedly running 10nm Samsung chips, still exists

A Korean new outlet reported in January that electronic giant Samsung has begun producing ASIC Bitcoin mining chips for an unknown manufacturer.  At the time Samsung wasn’t naming names, but a recent Twitter post from Halong’s main distributor MyRig announced the chips powering the DragonMint T1 are built using the 10nm Samsung chips in question.  The chips are the first known ASIC chips built using a 10nm design.

Halong Mining faced some resistance earlier in the year regarding their new DrangonMint T1 miners, and many people until recently considered the whole thing a scam.  After the device actually start shipping to customers it was announced that the secrecy was due to the ASICBoost technology.

Halong Mining recently released an operational video of their Blake2b miner, although critics still seem wary of the existence of  production miners.

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