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Halong details development process, announces T2

Halong Mining, the manufacturer of the first retail ASICBoost miners, released in-depth commentary explaining the development and production of their DragonMint T1.  In the April 24th post, Halong described a few of the difficulties in producing the worlds first 10nm ASIC.  The original yield of chips were low, and the team describes going back to make engineering changes that lowered efficiency of the manufactured chips.

” […] the wafer yield was lower than expected, and in order to compensate some engineering changes were made to the wafer to control some of the advanced process issues, at the slight expense of power efficiency which we believed we could compensate for in other parts of the miner.”

Halong goes on to explain why early batch devices saw wider hashing variance than they would have liked, and took time to thank Con Kolivas for the work he did tuning the software to boost hashing speed.  Halong states that the manufacturing process is “is only just becoming mature enough to mass produce with confidence and thus we’re beginning to ramp up production of the T1 seriously as well as re-verifying the first run stock of DragonMint miners.”

The company continues by announcing the next iteration of the DragonMint family, the DragonMint T2.  The T2 will include five additional hashing chips and an integrated power supply.  The additional chips will bump the hashing speed to 17Th/s, a speed noted as being “confidently 17TH and above.”

“This [T2] has 68 chips per hashboard, rather than 63 of the T1. The miner is confidently 17TH and above, averaging 17.5TH and above.”

Halong concludes by stating that current Dragon Mint T1 orders should be fulfilled in the next week, although some order may arrive in May.

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