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Ethereum developer meeting tables ASIC resistant algorithm changes

The conversation regarding the change of Ethereum algorithm continued during the most recent developer conference call.  The change of algorithm, defined in EIP 969, would break compatibility of newly announced Ethash ASIC devices.  The question was raised during the last Ethereum developer conference call with no decision made.  Vitalik’s comments during the recent call mirrored his thoughts from the last; he suggested that the team “wait for more data” before making making any plans moving forward.

As no one from the core developers have decided to champion the ASIC change, it was concluded that EIP 969 would be shelved until the community provided additional feedback.

The call covered additional topics, including details about the ongoing development of Ethereum’s Proof-of-Stake project, Casper.  As always, we suggest any reader interested in the further development of Ethereum to tune in to the entire call.

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