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Coin devs defy ASIC manufacturers, update Equihash algo

After Bitmain’s latest Z9 mini Equihash ASIC (and the E3 Ethash devices) announcement last week, many coin developers and communities have pondered switching to more ASIC resistant algorithms.  That groups include the BitcoinZ team which announced an adjustment to the Equihash algorithm, dubbed ZHash.  According to the Github comments on the BitcoinZ repository, the new algorithm’s goal is  the “hardening the Equihash protocol to be more ASIC resistant.”

The team continues, stating “the goal of ZHash is to put GPU mining on a level playing field with ASICs and FPGAs as far as hashing rates and costs are concerned so that they do not get too much of an advantage.  The new algorithm will be available first as a CPU miner binary “in the coming days” followed by GPU mining code to be released after.

Bitmain has been producing alt-coin algorithm ASIC devices at a fast pace in the past year, forcing many developers and communities to face substantial network hashing increases that may leave some GPU miners out in the cold.  Other argue that ASIC devices will secure the various networks and are an eventuality that should be embraced.

If your coin’s project is considering an algo change in the face of coming ASIC devices, drop H/S a line on Twitter and let us know.

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