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Bitmain releases Ethereum miner for July delivery

Chinese ASIC manufacturer Bitmain announced their latest miner, the Ethereum mining Antminer E3.  The new device provides 180 Mh/s of ETH mining using 800w of power; which comes out to ~4.5 watts of power per Mh/s.  In comparison, a modern Ethereum GPU rig runs about 5 watts per Mh/s.  The form factor appears to be the size of two “tube” miners stacked on top of each other, which will allow miners to replace space hogging GPU rigs with these denser machines.

These new devices are currently for sale on Bitmain’s site for $US 800.00, which is extremely competitive when compared to current GPU prices.  A single NVIDIA GTX 1070 run about $500.00 and provides 30 Mh/s of Ethereum mining and requires additional PC components needed to run the mining software.  Wall St. analysts have point to the new miners as a threat to NVIDIA and AMD’s current hold over the GPU mining market.  Bitmain has stated that the devices will be in limited supply, and are restricting sales to five units per person.

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