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How to use two power supplies with one miner

I’ve had a few people ask about using two power supplies on one miner.  It’s easy to do but it’s important to understand what goes where.  I’ve put together a few pictures from my collection, and will explain how I use two power supplies with a single miner.

Most miners come in a “tube” format.  These machines are usually broken into two different “blades” that make up the whole miner.  Some devices have more than two blades, such as the latest from Halong or Bitmain.  The steps are similar for those devices.

The first thing to do is make sure you have enough power coming from your PSUs to power each blade.  The Avalon 741s that I own pull about 1200w total, so I will need two PSUs with at least 800w per unit.  I use HP 1200w power supplies with an adapter that splits the power into 6-pin PCI power ports.  Initially I used one PSU per unit, but the supplies ran too hot to touch and I learned the hard way that you can’t push a power supply that hard without things going south.  See the first photo in the gallery to see what I mean.

I decided instead to use two 1200w power supplies, but you could safely run two 800w supplies.  My PSUs provide about 600w to each blade, so they stay extremely cool.  No more worries about burning down the shed.

The trick is simple.  You should only connect one power supply to one blade.  You should never connect more than one power supply to the same blade.  This will lead to uneven power and a damaged miner.  In my photos below, you can see I’ve connected one PSU to one blade with yellow/black cables.  The other blade is connected to a second PSU with black/white cables.  One devices with three or four blades, you can connect one power supply to two blades as long as you don’t ever connect two power supplies to the same blade.

I’m happy to take a look at your setup if you have questions.  Use the comment form to leave me a reply and I’ll get back to you.

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